In this section, you will find open-download codes associated to the SEISCOPE research

Other codes are also developed in SEISCOPE and restricted to our sponsors and collaborators
Below is a small animation of what can be done with our SEM46 code (3D visco-elastic modeling and FWI code based on spectral elements)

You can also have a look to the older code developed during the first phase of SEISCOPE }


SEISCOPE TOOL BOX The SEISCOPE TOOLBOX is a set of routines, organized as libraries, common to several modeling/inversion code, and which can also been used independently. The current version includes one librairy : OPTIMIZATION TOOLBOX OPTIMIZATION PART OF THE TOOL BOX The SEISCOPE OPTIMIZATION TOOLBOX is a set of FORTRAN 90 optimization routines dedicated to the resolution (...)

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TOY2DAC is a 2D Acoustic frequency-domain Full Waveform modeling and inversion code. The objective of this code is to have a simple 2D code for easy understanding of FWI and fast testing of new concepts UPDATE in 07/2018 YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE LAST VERSION (V2.5) OF THE CODE HERE In this 2.5 version, the code has been patched for compatibility with GNU gfortran compiler In the (...)

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